Kettlebell Training...What's all the Fuss About?!

Posted: Thu 21 Mar 2013 at 2:40:49 AM by Jon

We have all heard about Kettlebells being the next best thing for getting great results from your workouts. But why are they so great?? We will let the information below do all the convincing!




A Dynamic, Full Body Conditioning Tool

The kettlebell is one of the best forms of developing functional fitness and rehabilitating muscular imbalances and injuries. Kettlebells target the muscles in the posterior chain, which are often neglected in many training programs. Most people tend to be stronger in the front of the body which causes postural problems and muscular imbalances. In turn, this puts you at a higher risk of injury. By targeting this neglected region, you are ensuring you attain that important balance of strength. When your body is trained in a functional way, it will become fast, strong and powerful and you will be much fitter inside and out. Although traditional weight training techniques are important and effective, many who have turned to kettlebells have been able to unleash the true potential of their bodies. Kettlebell training allows you to build strength, power and lean muscle mass while training in a cardiovascular capacity making it much more dynamic than conventional weight training. Upon study and use, it becomes very clear why this tool is capable of unleashing such incredible results.

Great Fat Burning Potential

It may be deceiving at first, as swinging a bell may appear to be quite easy. However, it is incredibly demanding metabolically, which makes it a great fat burning tool.

Placing Unique Demands on the Whole Body

When performing kettlebell drills, you are forced to use all of your internal stabilisers as well as your main muscle groups to support the movement. Your core is called upon for balance and stabilisation and your glutes and hamstrings, during the hinging motion, will provide the power needed to snap the bell into position. Clearly training with kettlebells places demands on the body that other forms of training do not. The most obvious difference between a kettlebell and traditional weights is the handle. The handle creates a lever, which makes the bell feel like an extension of your own body. Since it acts like another joint, it dramatically increases the demands on the body, which in turn increases the benefits of using it. When you look at a dumbbell you can clearly see that the weight is evenly distributed at each side. With a kettlebell, the centre of gravity is offset. This means the bell will be pulling at you as you use it, so your body has to work harder to stabilise the weight. It is within this fact that you can see how you are working your large muscle groups as well as strengthening the complex network of stabilising muscles including your core.

The Results Speak for Themselves

After years of use, we have seen countless clients benefit from incorporating kettlebells into their workout regimes. We have seen boxers, hockey, tennis players and other athletes improve in their sports from the increase in power, lean muscle and cardiovascular fitness and this style of training has helped clients reach personal bests in marathons and triathlons. But the exciting thing is that kettlebells are not just for the fitness elite. By incorporating functional movements with the kettlebell into your average youth, student or working professionals workout routine, we have seen amazing results. From a fat loss of 15-20% to an 80lb weight loss, or revealing those abs for the first time, this tool can be used by many different skill levels. Just ensure you find a certified kettlebell trainer who is well versed in how to regress and progress kettlebell exercises to fit the individual. Once you are in good hands we guarantee you will be reaching new levels of performance and attaining new personal bests!


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