Poor Posture: Hazards of the Workplace

Posted: Wed 13 Mar 2013 at 11:38:40 PM by Jon

This picture is a shocking example of how many office workers sit for hours each day. It's no surprise that most office workers suffer from back, neck and shoulder discomfort on a regular basis. But sitting at a desk for hours is inevitable for most, so what can we change to minimize any potential posterior issues and pain? The first place to start is in the office, ensuring your work station has been assessed and is ergonomically safe. But aside from that, the real work needs to start in the gym. This position causes chest muscles to tighten and muscles in our back become stretched and loose. To make permanent changes to your posture, you need to readdress the imbalances in your body. So start working on tightening key muscles in the back through resistance training and stretch the chest and shoulders using mobility bands and exercise balls. If you aren't sure where to start look for a certified and experienced Personal Trainer in your area that can provide programs which help to realign the spine and any other skeletal or muscular imbalances.


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