Training for Your Best Golf Season Yet!

Posted: Thu 25 Apr 2013 at 3:11:22 PM by Jon

The weather is warming up and many of you hear the lush fairway calling your name. Well the good news is there's still time to ensure this season is your best one yet out on the links. It all starts in the gym.

Golf requires a person to have a fine balance of flexibility, strength, mobility and power production. If correct levels of flexibility and mobility aren't achieved (most commonly in the hip flexors and limitations of internal rotation), golfers may often complain of low back pain. So make this the first place you start by performing stretching daily to open up the hips. Given the fact that the whole body is working when you swing your club, we recommend incorporating a dynamic stretch into your routine; before the gym and before you get out on the course. This type of warm-up will help stretch and warm-up muscles while preparing joints for the work to come as well. Your shoulders and torso will thank you!

Although golf is known as a game dominated by technique, strength training has been shown to be helpful in not only preventing injuries, but also having a great effect on performance. Our suggestion for ensuring a strong body is to focus on functional movements, getting the muscles to work together just like they do in a swing. Because you rely heavily on your torso during a golf swing, exercises like core rotations, planks and suspension training are extremely useful.

We also can't ignore the explosive power needed to reach ultimate yardage from our drive and controlled power on the fairways. Power exercises are quick movements for short durations against resistance and can take on many forms. Those proven to have a positive influence on overall performance include Olympic Lifts, plyometrics and the Kettlebell. All of these approaches encourage generating and controlling power and momentum while enhancing coordination throughout the whole body. However, it is important to start at the beginning before attempting to include more complex exercises into a routine. So talk to your local Fitness Professional about putting together a specific program today and see your game soar to new heights!

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