The Story

Founder of GymChum

My story began 18 years ago when I realized I was putting on 14 lbs of additional weight each year.

When I turned 16 years old, 224 pounds, I realized I couldn’t go on like this. This is when I decided to change my life forever by joining a gym.

The first couple of months of my journey were very embarrassing as I did not feel very confident or comfortable in my own skin. Before I found my gym buddy, I used to make excuses to avoid going to the gym. When you decide to achieve a fitness goal, you will always have ups and downs. Luckily, I was introduced to my gym buddy who helped motivate me. Finding a gym buddy was critical to my weight loss story, and it was beneficial for both of us. We didn’t want to let each other down by not turning up to the gym. After 8 months of working out in the gym with my gym buddy, we managed to lose 100 lbs between us.

Having a gym buddy is critical to achieve any health and fitness aspiration or goal, whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or simply improve your overall health and well being. Finding a gym buddy in the gym is not the social norm, but we can change this!

This is why I have decided to create GymChum! GymChum wants everyone to achieve their health and fitness goals by allowing you to connect and stay connected with gym members around the world that have the same goals.