Cardio Training: Steady State vs. Intervals

Posted: Fri 08 Mar 2013 at 11:45:15 AM by Jon


Make the most out of your cardio workout and see amazing results with interval training. Let's be honest, steady state cardio is a little dull to say the least. So stop torturing yourself with 30 minutes of jogging on the treadmill or peddling away for hours on the bike. Studies show that short burst intervals are proven to be more effective than steady state for losing body fat and improving body composition.

How does it work?

Interval training means alternating between periods of high intensity and low to moderate intensity exercise. So imagine being on the treadmill but instead of jogging at one consistent pace, you jog at a low-moderate pace for 1 minute followed but a 30 sec sprint. Your heart rate elevates in the sprint, causing your body to require more oxygen. You're breathless so you return back down to your jog, catch your breath and are able to push yourself back to the high intensity of your sprint once again. Look at how much harder you can push yourself than if you were to try to maintain that high intensity in the steady state approach!

What is the evidence?

So why do intervals provide faster results? To put it simply, interval training requires the body to adapt metabolically, which means your body is forced to burn fat. Fat is used because the level of intensity is so high that carbohydrate stores just don't cut it. Another great benefit and reason fat loss is seen with intervals is that energy expenditure following and up to 24 hours post session are dramatically higher. This metabolism boosting effect is a great contributor to the inches that can be lost with this style of training.

Read more about Anaerobic vs Aerobic training here (Link) and start to optimize your time and get to those goals faster with Interval Training.


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