Gym Mobile Workout Apps: A New Culture in the Fitness and Healthcare Field

Posted: Mon 03 Jun 2013 at 4:51:44 PM by Jon

According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, Smartphones have achieved such a significant presence in society that a culture has been created where we are 'always connected' to our peer groups, communities of practice and information. We all see how much times have changed and how the mobile phone provides “an essential 'any time, any place' portal into the entire world wide web of knowledge.” 1 NCBI acknowledges that this constant social connectivity has important implications for society, and holds a lot of potential in particular for use in education, healthcare and medicine.

Then it's no surprise when we open up itunes or look on our smartphone app store, we are overwhelmed with fitness, nutrition and other health and wellness app options. So what is the secret to finding the best workout and fitness mobile app for you? We would say the number one priority is finding a mobile app that provides everything you need all in one spot. Now this is actually quite hard to find. There are countless apps for logging daily food, others for creating workouts and more for socializing or tracking your friend's activities. It's when you find an app that allows you to do all those things at once that you've really struck gold! GymChum is luckily one of the first apps that will do just that, by combining social networking with being a one stop shop for all things health and fitness related.

So why not just carry on as we always have without an app? Well turns out there is a great amount of research that reveals the benefits of using apps in the gym including the fact that it makes for a great training partner, gives terrific workout ideas, provides valuable dietary information, and maybe even provides the occasional recipe. Most research, such as that provided by the American College of Sports Medicine, suggests that every health and fitness app will provide the greatest benefits if you take the time to set up the app thoroughly and commit to its function. It's also important not to forget that apps are great but make sure you know where the information is coming from. Ensure you see that there are fitness professionals with years of experience, education and wisdom behind the scenes of it's creation. You can never really replace a fitness professional with an app, but if they are involved in it's creation, function and use, then a workout app is a great tool that can help to enhance your fitness.
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