How You and Your GymChum Can Get Great Results Just by Working Out Together!

Posted: Sun 10 Mar 2013 at 10:49:39 PM by Jana Mathews

Get better results, burn more calories and push harder in the gym by simply working out with a friend? It sounds too easy! But think about it...what is one of the biggest reasons why gyms can have thousands of members but only see a few hundred of the same faces walk through the front doors on a regular? Motivation. The motivation to grab your gym bag and set out on route to the gym. The motivation once you jump on the treadmill to push yourself to achieve that intense sweat. The motivation to use a heavier weight in your resistance workout. Well the answer to this huge roadblock is actually a pretty good one...Train with a friend!

Research performed by Virgin Active Health Club in the UK has shown that in a study of 1000 women, 64% of those who work out with a friend/friends push themselves harder on a regular basis. Well there must be a reason why they say there's power in numbers right? So what is it about being in pairs or groups that helps? Well if motivation was a barrier before then having someone to meet at the gym, to sweat beside you in a spin class or to spot you on those big lifts may be the solution you've been looking for. Not only did the study show that 31% of women consider their friends to be the motivation they need to stay in shape, but that when working out with a friend their workout lasts longer and they burned more calories.

So why not make your next trip to the gym effective and also a social experience...Grab your GymChum and get out there working hard and seeing great results!

Check out the article on the study below:



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