Mobile Phone Apps: The Future of the Fitness Industry and Key to Your Success

Posted: Wed 01 May 2013 at 2:43:21 PM by Jana Mathews

A recent study was conducted which, interestingly enough, tested whether mobile phone apps have an influence on performance or behavioural change. We talk all the time about motivation being the biggest factor in keeping us working towards our health and fitness goals. The invention of GymChum came from that concept in itself and we are building it to be the next best thing to use in the gym to keep you on track, pushing towards achieving great results. Well from the looks of this article it may be a good thing that we are going to be launching the app soon! It appears that using an app to support a weight loss plan helps people stick to their diet and has a positive influence on results.

The objective of the study was to determine if use of a smartphone app for a weight loss program would influence that person's success rate. Data suggested that those using the app were more engaged, it had a positive impact on mood and helped them maintain motivation during the weight loss program. The opposing group reported a greater decrease in the effort they were willing to put into staying on the diet than those who received the support app.

So what do we draw from this interesting study? That an app such as GymChum will soon be one of these support systems that will help you stick with a workout program, stay motivated and realize great results! We had no doubt but it's always good to know there is evidence out there that supports the concept and sees mobile apps as the future of the Health and Fitness Industry!

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